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Users then have 30 or so investment options to choose from consistent with their risk level, though Stash leaves all the investing decisions up to the user. Acorns is one of the few investment apps to have versions for mobile, desktop, and wearables. Stash only has a mobile version, making it less accessible for users. The wide-reaching appeal of Acorns stems from the fact that users, once they’ve set up an account, don’t have to do anything. Users can accept the recommended portfolio or select their own. The people regard real estate as safer because they understand it. Agree with Scott that most of the not yet engaged investors in assets without the burden of fees the article mentions are at first interested in real estate.

Catering to today’s peer oriented investor, Worthy, is an up-and-coming game-changing app that lets micro-investors invest in their peers – with a little help from their favorite retailers. In doing so , Worthy not only helps micro-investors diversify with less-correlated alternatives, it also offers consumers an unprecedented ability to spend their way to retirement.

Micro Investment

Over the course of the 40 year period, more than $200, 000 – or 25% of his portfolio value – will have gone towards management fees. Unfortunately, due to capital, technological and legislative restraints, smaller retail investors have not been able to benefit from the same diversification opportunities as deeper-pocketed investors. In fact, until relatively recently, the only way smaller retail investors were able to diversify at all was through mutual fund investing. But, particularly with bond fund performance languishing, it has become harder and harder for retail investors to justify the management fees. And proof that you don’t need to start with huge bank or set ridiculous targets to make excellent money investing in the crypto-economy.

Through doing this, Montoya said, future generations will not have to face the same challenges as the “sandwich generation. ” Creating solutions for this disadvantage is actually Dvdendo is all about. The company describes itself as the “first bilingual, micro-investing platform, catering to first-time Latino investors. ” The company launched earlier this year. This disadvantage, Montoya said, is symptomatic of a historic lack of access and education regarding investing, savings and financial planning in Hispanic communities. Stash has acquired just over 91, 000 users, with an AUM of $9. 85 million. User accounts hold an average of just $108 – less than half the size of the average Acorns account.

With 91, 000 users being charged $1 per month in fees, we can estimate that Stash’s revenue is just under $1. 1 million per year. Stash does not currently have a partnerships program in place similar to the Acorns’ Found Money program. Employers can sign up and refer their employees to start investing, giving them an opportunity to start a conversation about financial literacy – something that’s always welcome in the workplace. However , there is currently no information available on the success of this program, and whether or not it has actively acquired many new Stash users. Like Acorns, Stash takes the user’s age, time horizon and goals into consideration when calculating risk tolerance, then makes recommendations.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve written about Worthy – nor will it be the last. I believe the company is laying the groundwork for a reconstitution of America’s retirement planning industry. I was recently introduced to an exciting new digital investment advisor called Stash which facilitates micro-investments based on one’s interests, beliefs and goals. Whether you are passionate about defending America, supporting her greatest innovators or ensuring diversity, Stash can help tailor diversified portfolios based on those objectives. Below is a chart that quantifies the dollar value of 1. 15% in management fees over the course of one’s career. This chart supposes that a 25 year old invests $300 per month in a fund that returns 7% per year until he is 65 years old.

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